Frequently Asked Questions

I will be hiring a mountain leader who tells me they are UIMLA certified. Can you please confirm they are registered and qualified?

 Our full member associations can confirm this to you.

I am an International Mountain Leader and I am interested to learn more about the operation of UIMLA, who should I ask?

UIMLA does not have any office or support staff, all communications are sent to our member associations or published on the website. You should contact your own association and their delegates who receive all UIMLA communications for circulation in their own associations.What is FAQ?

What is a UIMLA delegate?

Each association has two “delegates” with two substitutes or deputies who attend the general assemblies. Members of the UIMLA executive (BEx) are elected from the delegates and by the delegates. Only the delegates of full member associations are able to vote in UIMLA decisions but delegates from aspirant member associations can address the assembly in a consultative role.

What information is in the password protected pages?

This area has information and files which are circulated to delegates. These are financial reports, details of UIMLA assessments, internal policies and planning documents. There are also personal details of UIMLA delegates and assessors including their phone numbers, private email addresses and related items. Internal logistical information is also held including hotel and rooming details for assemblies. None of these items should be visible to the public and all are available to the delegates of member associations.

Can I as an individual become a member of UIMLA?

You can become a member of one of our full member associations; an individual can not become a member of UIMLA.

How and where can I become an IML?

Our full member associations provide the trainings and assessments for becoming an IML.

Where can I get UIMLA badges for my clothing, backpack etc.?

Our full member associations can provide them to you.