International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR)

In the UIMLA strategy workshop held at the Brașov Annual General Assembly in 2019, delegates proposed that UIMLA should “maintain strong relationship[s] with relevant external partners [like] ICAR”.

The UIMLA board reviewed the membership requirements for ICAR and submitted an application. The application was approved by ICAR at their board meeting in August. So I am pleased to say that UIMLA is now an observer member of ICAR in addition to our membership of the UIAA.

ICAR provides a platform for mountain rescue and related organizations to disseminate knowledge with the prime goal of improving mountain rescue services and their safety. ICAR’s goals and targets are described in detail in the separate article “ICAR Mission” (see links below). ICAR is an independent, worldwide organization that respects its members and promotes international cooperation.

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