UIMLA Mobility Working Group

In organisations like UIMLA or the IFMGA we use the term “mobility” to describe the ability of mountain leaders and mountain guides to be able to work in other countries. We are a very mobile group, we often work with clients in other countries and we have tours that can cross national borders one or more times.

Our clients should have the security that their leader or guide is recognised as a professional in the country they are working in. The governments of the countries we visit often have laws to ensure the safety of the their citizens or those visiting for tourism. UIMLA support these laws and work with governments and other authorities whenever we can.

This is a complex issue and UIMLA have continued their existing work in this area with the formation of a working group to share expertise and focus resources. This working group met in October in a video meeting. In our first meeting we tried to identify what existing resources and documentation we already had access to, issues faced in some of member countries and what international efforts we could make.

The working group has representation from several countries, Hanno Dönz from Austria who is already active in this area for the IFMGA, Ludovic Kasperski (CZ), Esther Murciano (ES), Marian Anghel (RO), Tomasz Popiołek (PL) and Ian Spare (UK, UIMLA President).

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